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Storage rack shelf and decking failures can cost thousands in damage and lost productivity. We can help.

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Storage Rack DeckS

Our storage rack decks are manufactured from PressLock and standard metal bar grating, providing the greatest flexibility for size and spacings. Our decks are offered in six standard product configurations and edge styles and can be easily integrated with most commercial racking systems.

  • Openings allow maximum air, light & water penetration
  • Variety of mesh openings
  • Made to withstand heavy distributed loads & point load conditions
  • Simple drop-in installation

Heavy-Duty Shelves

Our shelves are manufactured from lightweight carbon steel PressLock grating and are designed to withstand extreme point load and heavy distributed load conditions. We have eight standard sizes. Custom sizes are available upon request.

  • Ideal for heavy point loads
  • Open areas >80%
  • Custom powder coat coloring & other finishes are available
Ohio Gratings, Inc. Logo
Ohio Gratings, Inc. Logo

Mezzanines & Platforms

When it comes to worker and equipment safety, our PressLock and standard metal bar grating products can be customized to your unique project and application. 

  • Sturdy, durable non-combustible flooring options for light cart and pallet jacks
  • Perfect for rolling loads
  • Increase pedestrian comfort and safety
  • Meets ADA and OSHA requirements for walking and working surfaces

Pallet Flow In-Fill: Safety Grating

Our pallet flow in-fill safety grating is manufactured from lightweight carbon steel. In-fill safety grating can be tailored to your application and specification.

  • Safety grating provides fall protection 
  • Economical
  • Protects product from damage
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