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Physical Science Building

Mesa Community College

Mesa, AZ


The SmithGroup architects needed sleek, reliable aluminum grating to achieve their innovative design on Mesa Community College’s campus. We partnered with the firm to supply 1,168 square feet of LEED aluminum grating for modern scrims at the Planetarium, impressive staircases and a walkable observation platform. The Physical Science building is the first of its kind on campus and was the first major LEED project in the Maricopa County Community College District.

Big River


Memphis, TN


The Big River Crossing is the country's longest active bridge for rail, bicycles, and pedestrians. This mile-long engineering feat provides residents new opportunities for recreation and fitness with a stunning view. In partnership with the City of Memphis, we provided a combined 124,000 square feet of materials to construct the walkway deck, fence and handrails to make this Mississippi river crossing a reality.

LeMay Wastewater

Treatment Plant

St. Louis, Missouri


When the Metropolitan Sewer District needed to upgrade a crucial water treatment plant in St. Louis, we provided more than 45,000 square feet of aluminum swaged bar grating to enhance the safety and functionality of twelve water clarifiers. Nearly thirty years later, the materials we used are still in service today and continue to play an integral role at LeMay Wastewater Treatment Plant—the fourth largest wastewater collection system in the US.

Phase 2

High Line Park

New York City, NY


In order to create a more connected, healthy community, we partnered with non-profits in New York City to enhance High Line Park—Manhattan’s elevated rail line-turned greenway. In order to fulfill the vision for this unique elevated park, our team crafted heavy-duty stainless steel grating that created a “see-through” look while remaining ADA Compliant and high-heel friendly. By making slight alterations to our products, we created a grating strong enough to support maintenance vehicles while achieving 68% transparency underfoot to allow park visitors to view plants and park features below.

Project Rehabilitation

Bascule Bridge

Alva, FL


In partnership with Hardesty & Hanover, we manufactured and supplied the materials to repair the Alva Bridge, a 2,900 square foot Bascule Bridge in Lee County, Florida. Because the supports for the Alva Bridge were located at 4' 5-1/4", we acted fast to develop a new product that could carry the H-20 load while keeping the panel weight low. The riveted grating product we developed ensures safe travel over the Caloosahatchee River for years to come.



New York City, NY


When Columbia University needed to replace grating along the college walk on campus, we stepped in to replace their light-duty steel welded grating with our ADA-compliant Wheels n’ Heels® Metro® grating—an aesthetically pleasing grate that is high-heel friendly and designed to withstand AASHTO H20 loading.



Chicago, IL


The Chicago Riverwalk was an ambitious reclamation project to return the people of Chicago to their river. Through the breakthrough efforts of many, we transformed this industrial urban corridor into a recreational attraction. We crafted handrails, flooring and fencing with an eye for aesthetics and an emphasis on ADA compliance to help the Chicago Riverwalk become a dramatic centerpiece of 21st century Chicago.

General Motors

Riverfront Plaza

Detroit, MI


As part of a citywide effort to redevelop Detroit’s riverfront, we partnered with General Motors to help turn their riverfront plaza headquarters into an open space featuring new landscaping, handrails, walkways, benches, a water fountain, trench covers and custom art—including a world map display that uses different color grating for each country. This grand riverfront space has quickly become a new signature spot for gatherings and events.


Distribution Center

Missouri, Colorado & Oregon


When Chrysler needed a new mezzanine floor grating application, we worked closely with Borroughs Corp engineers to find a solution. They needed a surface that was comfortable for workers to stand and walk on, while also allowing carts to roll smoothly as they accessed parts from warehouse shelves. Our team identified our PressLock galvanized steel grating with close bearing and cross bar spacing as the perfect solution.

Consolidated Edison Electric

Vault Gratings

New York City, NY


New York City’s Times Square is one of the busiest places on earth. And when Con-Edison needed a grating solution there was no shortage of challenges. We needed a grating product that gave line crews easy access to underground power lines while providing transformer ventilation and meeting AASHTO and ADA requirements. Our team worked diligently to find a reliable solution that addressed each challenge, ultimately delivering our Wheels n’ Heels® Metro® with ALGRIP® surface treatment as an exceptional long-term solution.

Organic Technologies

Plant Expansion

Coshocton, Ohio


When Organic Technologies, now Wiley Companies, needed to make improvements to their manufacturing plant in Ohio’s heartland, we provided the lightweight, low-maintenance materials they needed to construct platforms, multi-level walkways and steel structures. Using galvanized treads with checker plate nosing, we quickly fabricated a strong, inexpensive stair tower with a safe walking surface. In addition, we utilized light-duty galvanized carbon steel grating to support longer spans and pipe penetration requirements.

National Museum

World War II

New Orleans, LA


When Architect/Engineer Voorsanger Mathes LLC secured their design plans for the new WWII museum in New Orleans, they partnered with us to make their breakthrough design a reality. Our team produced a number of metal features using specific metallic silver and battleship gray colors to fit the museum’s brand and achieve the interior design. We developed custom ceiling grilles and aluminum dovetail handrail infilling to ensure the National World War II Museum did justice to our fallen soldiers.

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