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Construct the bridge, road or walkway you need with the load-bearing capacity your project demands. Our team of experienced metal grating experts will work with you until it’s perfect.

When you are engineering a bridge, roadway or pedestrian walkway you need materials with the right load capacity to satisfy both architects and engineers. At Ohio Gratings, Inc., we understand that finding the right material for your project can be cumbersome. That’s why our team of experienced staff is ready to help you find the metal grating you need to get the job done. With 50 years of experience, we design and fabricate a variety of metal grating products custom-designed for bridge and transportation demands. Our products are manufactured in the USA and are used successfully across the globe.

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Would you like to see our grating products in action? Explore our successful projects for yourself and find out how we can make your upcoming project a success story.

Big River


Memphis, TN


The Big River Crossing is the country's longest active bridge for rail, bicycles and pedestrians. This mile-long engineering feat provides residents new opportunities for recreation and fitness with a stunning view. In partnership with the City of Memphis, we provided a combined 124,000 square feet of materials to construct the walkway deck, fence and handrails to make this Mississippi river crossing a reality.

Project Rehabilitation

Bascule Bridge

Alva, FL


In partnership with Hardesty & Hanover, we manufactured and supplied the materials to repair the Alva Bridge, a 2,900 square foot Bascule Bridge in Lee County, Florida. Because the supports for the Alva Bridge were located at 4' 5-1/4", we acted fast to develop a new product that could carry the H-20 load while keeping the panel weight low. The riveted grating product we developed ensures safe travel over the Caloosahatchee River for years to come.



Chicago, IL


The Chicago Riverwalk was an ambitious reclamation project to return the people of Chicago to their river. Through the breakthrough efforts of many, we transformed this industrial urban corridor into a recreational attraction. We crafted handrails, flooring and fencing with an eye for aesthetics and an emphasis on ADA compliance to help the Chicago Riverwalk become a dramatic centerpiece of 21st century Chicago.

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