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Enhance your security and privacy with a custom-designed security fence from Ohio Gratings, Inc.® We offer six different configurations for visual blocking so you get the perfect coverage.

When you need a new security fence, it’s crucial to find the right amount of visual screening, airflow and security. Whether you’re constructing a mechanical screen, visual screen, trash containment area or fence and gate system, we offer custom-designed solutions in a variety of mesh sizes and panel configurations. Our security fences are designed for durability with a modern appearance. In addition, if you need a turn-key solution, our PressLock fence and gate systems are delivered ready for installation.

Security fence guides park visitors to the pedestrian bridge

Security Fencing Applications

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Would you like to see our grating products in action? Explore our successful projects for yourself and find out how we can make your upcoming project a success story.

National Museum

World War II

New Orleans, LA


When Architect/Engineer Voorsanger Mathes LLC secured their design plans for the new WWII museum in New Orleans, they partnered with us to make their breakthrough design a reality. Our team produced a number of metal features using specific metallic silver and battleship gray colors to fit the museum’s brand and achieve the interior design. We developed custom ceiling grilles, aluminum dovetail handrail infilling and modern security fencing to ensure the National World War II Museum did justice to our fallen soldiers.

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