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Add the finishing touch to your parks and recreation project with bar grating that is manufactured in the USA using green and non-traditional materials.

When it comes to Parks and Recreation projects, you need environmentally friendly and ADA compliant products that make a statement. Following this, we continually look for new ways to provide alternate solutions to traditional materials. As a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), we offer a variety of green products you can use for your pedestrian walkway, platform, privacy fence or fountain. And the best part? We offer slip-resistant treatments and compliance with ADA standards wherever you need them. Our team will partner with you to create a new landmark in your community that’s celebrated for years to come.

Man rides his bike on Big River Crossing pedestrian bridge in Memphis, TN

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Would you like to see our grating products in action? Explore our successful projects for yourself and find out how we can make your upcoming project a success story.

Phase 2

High Line Park

New York City, NY


In order to create a more connected, healthy community, we partnered with non-profits in New York City to enhance High Line Park—Manhattan’s elevated rail line-turned greenway. In order to fulfill the vision for this unique elevated park, our team crafted heavy-duty stainless steel grating that created a “see-through” look while remaining ADA Compliant and high-heel friendly. By making slight alterations to our products, we created a grating strong enough to support maintenance vehicles while achieving 68% transparency underfoot to allow park visitors to view plants and park features below.

Big River


Memphis, TN


The Big River Crossing is the country's longest active bridge for rail, bicycles and pedestrians. This mile-long engineering feat provides residents new opportunities for recreation and fitness with a stunning view. In partnership with the City of Memphis, OGI provided a combined 124,000 square feet of materials to construct the walkway deck, fence and handrails to make this Mississippi river crossing a reality.

General Motors

Riverfront Plaza

Detroit, MI


As part of a citywide effort to redevelop Detroit’s riverfront, we partnered with General Motors to help turn their riverfront plaza headquarters into an open space featuring new landscaping, handrails, walkways, benches, a water fountain, trench covers and custom art—including a world map display that uses different color grating for each country. This grand riverfront space has quickly become a new signature spot for gatherings and events.

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