Rendering of Reefer NAP Plank grating product

Marine Series

Plank Grating

A low-maintenance, corrosive-resistant alternative to bar grating for marine applications

Aluminum plank offers a structurally sound and attractive flush-top surface that is designed to withstand corrosive, high-impact marine environments while maximizing foot contact and comfort. Relatively maintenance-free, you can opt for aluminum plank with a smooth, intact surface or choose from a variety of punch patterns that allow air, light, heat or moisture through. We also offer an ADA-compliant option that is wheelchair and high-heel-friendly. Choose from four types: Pivot Lock, Pivot Lock Smooth Top, Reefer Interlocking and Reefer Plain. 

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LeMay Wastewater

Treatment Plant

St. Louis, MO


When the Metropolitan Sewer District needed to upgrade a crucial water treatment plant in St. Louis, we provided more than 45,000 SF of aluminum swaged bar grating to enhance the safety and functionality of twelve water clarifiers. Nearly thirty years later, the materials we used are still in service today and continue to play an integral role at LeMay Wastewater Treatment Plant—the fourth largest wastewater collection system in the US.
Industrial machine slices metal to create uniform metal grating products

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