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ALGRIP® surface treatment uses a patented laser deposition process to weld metal traction deposits to metal grating or flooring. ALGRIP® meets or exceeds ADA requirements for slip-resistance.



Discover the most common ways our clients use ALGRIP® to boost the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) in wet, oily, dusty or dry conditions.

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Consolidated Edison

Electric Vault Gratings

New York City, NY


New York City’s Times Square is one of the busiest places on earth. And when Con-Edison needed a grating solution there was no shortage of challenges. We needed a grating product that gave line crews easy access to underground power lines while providing proper transformer ventilation and met AASHTO H20 requirements for truck loads and ADA requirements for pedestrians. Our team worked diligently to find a reliable solution that addressed each challenge ultimately delivering our Wheels n’ Heels® Metro® with ALGRIP® surface treatment as an exceptional long-term solution.

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OGI Engineered

Explore additional OGI Engineered products to take your safety strategy a step ahead. Click to learn more about our additional traction treatment, OnGrip® or Wheels n’ Heels® grating products.

Using thermal metal spray technology, OnGrip® metal-grip surfaces bond with carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum surfaces for enhanced traction. Furthermore, OnGrip® meets or exceeds ADA requirements for slip resistance and is commonly used in slippery environments as well as on metal plates, stair treads and metal bar grating.

Make your project pedestrian-friendly and vehicle safe with our family of Grater Access® products. We offer a full suite of grating that conforms to the spacing requirements of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities and are offered in both aluminum and steel. In addition, we offer a variety of spacing options so you can have the right open area, water drainage or airflow requirements you need while remaining accessible to pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles or high heels. 

Wheels n’ Heels® is the first grating product to satisfy vehicle loading requirements of AASHTO while also meeting ADA comfort requirements. Aesthetically pleasing and bicycle and high-heel friendly, we offer two types of Wheels n’ Heels® products: Metro® and InVent®. Our Metro® line boasts increased spacing between grates. InVent® offers the same features as Metro® with the added benefit of having the main support bearing bars run perpendicular to top surface bars and hidden underneath for greater design flexibility.

A slip-resistant surface is recommended to meet ADA guidelines.

Industrial machine slices metal to create uniform metal grating products

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