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Aluminum (AR)

Riveted grating is the original industrial footwalk material and remains a top pick by engineers for its durability. Constructed with straight bearing bars that extend continuously across bent connecting bars that are attached by rivets. Rivet grating offers enhanced load-carrying and lateral stability.

Stainless Steel (RSS)

Stainless steel grating is the standard industrial footwalk product for severe corrosive environments. We manufacture stainless steel riveted grating for chemical plants, food processing facilities, oil and gas producers and many commercial and architectural applications.

Carbon Steel (R)

For strong, fatigue-resistant grating that offers flexibility with bar sizes and configurations, lightweight carbon steel riveted grating is an excellent solution. Its lighter weight reduces dead load, making moveable bridge applications safer and more effective. Riveted grating has been used in many applications for decades without issue or fatigue failure. In addition, riveted grating boasts a serrated surface for added traction. 

Heavy Duty (R)

Heavy duty riveted grating is the original industrial grating style and remains a top choice by engineers for its ruggedness, reliability and durability. Heavy duty carbon steel riveted grating features straight bearing bars and bent connecting bars joined by rivets at their contact points. Because connecting bars extend continuously between bearing bars, they contribute to increased load carrying capacity and lateral stability in grating panels. An excellent choice for vehicle bridge decks or applications where maximum strength and stiffness are required.

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Architectural Applications

Featured Projects

Would you like to see our grating products in action? Explore our successful projects for yourself and find out how we can make your upcoming architectural project a success story.

Physical Science Building

Mesa Community College

Mesa, AZ


The SmithGroup architects needed sleek, reliable aluminum grating to achieve their innovative design on Mesa Community College’s campus. We partnered with the firm to supply 1,168 square feet of LEED aluminum grating for modern scrims at the planetarium, impressive staircases and a walkable observation platform. The Physical Science building is the first of its kind on campus and was the first major LEED project in the Maricopa County Community College District.

Big River


Memphis, TN


The Big River Crossing is the country's longest active bridge for rail, bicycles, and pedestrians. This mile-long engineering feat provides residents new opportunities for recreation and fitness with a stunning view. In partnership with the City of Memphis, OGI provided a combined 124,000 square feet of materials to construct the walkway deck, fence, and handrails to make this Mississippi river crossing a reality.

LeMay Wastewater

Treatment Plant

St. Louis, Missouri


When the Metropolitan Sewer District needed to upgrade a crucial water treatment plant in St. Louis, we provided more than 45,000 SF of aluminum swaged bar grating to enhance the safety and functionality of twelve water clarifiers. Nearly thirty years later, the materials we used are still in service today and continue to play an integral role at LeMay Wastewater Treatment Plant—the fourth largest wastewater collection system in the US.
Industrial machine slices metal to create uniform metal grating products

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