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Wheels n' Heels®


Bicycle and high-heel friendly grating with an industrial look

By eliminating surface welds, Wheels n’ Heels® provides an attractive aesthetic and increased strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, Metro® shows bearing bars under the grating surface for an industrial look that also provides increased airflow with ADA-compliant bar spacings of 1/4”, 5/16” or 1/2”. 

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PRODUCT Applications

Featured Project

Phase 2

High Line Park

New York City, NY


In order to create a more connected, healthy community, we partnered with nonprofits in New York City to enhance High Line Park—Manhattan’s elevated rail line-turned greenway. In order to fulfill the vision for this unique elevated park, our team crafted heavy-duty stainless steel grating that created a “see-through” look while remaining ADA Compliant and high-heel friendly. By making slight alterations to our products, we created a grating strong enough to support maintenance vehicles while achieving 68% transparency underfoot to allow park visitors to view plants and park features below.
Industrial machine slices metal to create uniform metal grating products

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