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Slips and falls are the #1 preventable injury in the US. Take safety a step ahead with breakthrough traction safety products engineered to reduce injuries without sacrificing style or durability.

Finding the right traction protocol for your application can be difficult. That’s why we have made it easy for you to access the information you need to determine which solution is right for you. We offer ALGRIP® and OnGrip® surface treatments to increase traction and grip on metal surfaces. Additionally, our Grater Access® and Wheels n’ Heels® products meet or exceed ADA requirements for slippery conditions while using close-meshed grating to better accommodate pedestrians, high-heels, bicycles and strollers.


Safety Products

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ALGRIP® traction surface treatment uses a patented laser deposition process to apply traction features to metal grating or plate flooring. As a result, shoes or tires encircle and grab traction features on the surface to provide slip resistance that meets or exceeds OSHA and ADA requirements in wet or dry conditions. ALGRIP® is commonly used to increase the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) on platforms, decks, stair treads, ramps, vault covers, dams, waterways, docks, production lines, power plants, food processing facilities and more.

Using thermal, metal spray technology, OnGrip® metal-grip surface is sprayed onto carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum to increase the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) and reduce fall risks and safety hazards. OnGrip® meets or exceeds ADA requirements for slip resistance. It can be applied to plate, stair treads, stair nosings, metal bar grating and plank products. OnGrip® far exceeds ANSI-NFSI standards for high traction.

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Product Lines

Our Grater Access® line of products meets or exceeds ADA requirements for slip resistance. We offer a variety of spacing options to ensure you find the best solution for your project. Grater Access® products are available in aluminum or steel with customizable mesh spacing options to allow water drainage or airflow. In addition, you can choose from products designed for vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles or high heels. Products are uniquely suited for pedestrian walkways, bridges, observation platforms and fountains.

Wheels n’ Heels® is the first grating product to satisfy both the vehicle loading requirements of AASHTO and the pedestrian comfort requirements of the ADA. Manufactured from galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel, Wheels n’ Heels® weighs less than typical heavy-duty bar grating products while also featuring improved air-flow, options for fixed or hinged panels and a close-mesh design that is both bicycle and high-heel friendly. Wheels n’ Heels® can be installed in new utility vaults or retrofitted into existing frames.

Traction Safety Applications

Featured Projects

Would you like to see our grating products in action? Explore our successful projects for yourself and find out how we can make your upcoming project a success story.

Big River


Memphis, TN


The Big River Crossing is the country's longest active bridge for rail, bicycles, and pedestrians. This mile-long engineering feat provides residents new opportunities for recreation and fitness with a stunning view. In partnership with the City of Memphis, we provided a combined 124,000 square feet of materials to construct the walkway deck, fence and handrails to make this Mississippi river crossing a reality.


Grating Upgrade

New York City, NY


When Columbia University needed to replace grating along the college walk on campus, we stepped in to replace their light-duty steel welded grating with our ADA-compliant Wheels n’ Heels® Metro® grating. Our team welded mesh to the top of expanded metal grating to create Wheels n’ Heels® Metro®—an aesthetically pleasing grate that is high-heel friendly and designed to withstand AASHTO H20 loading.



Chicago, IL


The Chicago Riverwalk was an ambitious reclamation project to return the people of Chicago to their river. Through the breakthrough efforts of many, we transformed this industrial urban corridor into a recreational attraction. We crafted handrails, flooring and fencing with an eye for aesthetics and an emphasis on ADA compliance to help the Chicago Riverwalk become a dramatic centerpiece of 21st century Chicago.

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